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martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

19 de Noviembre: Día Mundial del W.C.

World Toilet Day: We Can't Wait While Women Get Assaulted Going to the Toilet

The 2014 World Toilet Day campaign will draw attention to dignity and equality issues, especially inspiring action to end open defecation and putting spotlight on how access to improved sanitation leads to a reduction in assault and violence on women.
1 billion people around the world practice open defecation and many women and girls get assaulted as they wait until it’s dark to relieve themselves. World Toilet Day (19 November) was recently established as an official UN day observed around the world through various initiatives that draw attention to the global sanitation crisis. To raise awareness and inspire action, the 2014 campaign builds on initiatives such as ‘end open defecation’, ‘sanitation drive’, ‘we can’t wait’ and ‘the urgent run’ and will feature a high-level event at the UN headquarters on 19 November
as well as the launch of the UN-Water Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water (GLAAS).

People around the world are encouraged to get involved in the campaign and help end the sanitation crisis by raising awareness and organising events and initiatives. A dedicated website will be launched soon, but in the meantime, get informed and join the conversation #wecantwait, #worldtoiletday, #opendefecation, send us an email or download this brochure.

Fuente: UnWater . . . ONU

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